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8421501433_d514a7b626_oIntro: I’m not sure this writing prompt exercise is going to be just the ticket for me; 60 seconds is pretty much a blink of the eye. But here goes with the One-Minute Writer Prompt for June 28, 2016. I’ll give this daily writing exercise a week and re-evaluate. This is Day Two.

Topic: Write about a time someone tried to convince you of something or change your mind about something.

My write-up: I’ve had people I love try to convince me that I should return to the Christian faith. It troubles me that they all seem to speak from the same script and don’t understand why I am an apostate after years of thought on this. Whether they use Pascal’s Wager or the “atheists are so angry” gambit or even triumphantly try the “If we came from monkeys why are there still monkeys?” argument, it just falls flat. I hate to shut the door on any conversation, but I’m tired of rehashing this. I think I’m eventually going to put a “Stuff I Don’t Want to Explain Again” tab on my blog and redirect them to it.

My thoughts after today’s writing prompt: I’m reminded that I’ve thought for a *long* time about putting just such a tab on my website. I need to move that from “mental note” to “actually on my to-do list.”

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