Writing Prompt for June 27, 2016 – biography

8421501433_d514a7b626_oIntro: I’m not sure this writing prompt exercise is going to be just the ticket for me; 60 seconds is pretty much a blink of the eye. But here goes with the One-Minute Writer Prompt for June 27, 2016. I’ll give this daily writing exercise a week and re-evaluate. This is Day One.

Topic: So, imagine someone has written your biography. Now take your One Minute and write the inner-flap blurb for YOUR dust jacket. A short summary of your life. What would your biography be entitled? Is it mostly fiction, non-fiction, sci-fi, romance, drama or horror? Who might be your author?

My writeup: Carolyn Gaddy Bahm is the only child of a Depression-era mother, and she’s also the literal “farmer’s daughter.” Her truck-crop-farmer dad died when she was six, and she grew up in a blended family. Her mom remarried when Carolyn was nine to an amiable weak man with a fondness for vodka. I’d like to think that Stephen King would write my bio, but I think then it would be a lot more about things like how I enjoy watching Russian dashcam videos of crashes and road rage.

My thoughts after the writing prompt: Funny how I felt compelled to start at that point in my life. It’s like I never got past those traumas of early childhood. Hmm! Wonder why I didn’t start with the six preceding years, or where I am today. Edited this to add the reference to who might write the bio on me.

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