‘He’d better be a white male.’ SERIOUSLY?!

Michael Avenatti. Photo credit: vpickering, Occupy Lafayette Park via photopin (license)

I went to Facebook this morning looking for a topic idea to write a personal column for my day job, as a weekly newspaper editor in west Tennessee. Instead, I got all personally liberal’d up about some topics I saw there. Some of my thoughts are too partisan to have a proper place in the newspaper I edit because I don’t think it would be fair for me to dominate the discussion with my personal views in a newspaper that I don’t own — although I desperately wish other opinionated locals would write THEIR partisan opinions, from both ends of the spectrum.

So here I go, putting the onus on my precious-and-few blog readers to soak up more of my proudly liberal thoughts today. You peeps rock.

Ahem. Here goes.

I had to respond to this story, wherein Michael Avenatti says the 2020 Democratic candidate for president better be a white male, if Dems are to have a prayer of winning. (Avenatti is an American attorney, entrepreneur and, apparently, a Dems’ demigod.)

Here’s my gut reaction

I don’t know whether to say, “Oh, for fuck’s sake” at this nimrod’s frankly utilitarian misogyny or to say “He’s probably correct” just because I fear it’s going to be a close race and difficult enough to win without making the haters clutch their pearls over promotion of feminism and racial equality.

I *want* a woman in the office. Ideally, a woman of color, compassion and wisdom. That would be GLORIOUS. But I will take any frigging Democrat we can put in the Oval Office to unseat Donald Trump, who is dangerously stupid.

I think we are going to learn a lot about where we need to turn our efforts for the next presidential election, based on the volume and direction of votes we see on Nov. 6 this year.

MY QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who is YOUR 2020 Democratic presidential pick? And why do you think this person has a prayer of winning against an incumbent, even one as impenetrably malicious and idiotic as Trump?

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