Writing Prompt for June 29, 2016 – Darkness

8421501433_d514a7b626_oIntro: I’m not sure this writing prompt exercise is going to be just the ticket for me; 60 seconds is pretty much a blink of the eye. But here goes with the One-Minute Writer Prompt for June 29, 2016. I’ll give this daily writing exercise a week and re-evaluate. This is Day Three.

Topic: Dark. (That’s it. It’s a “One-Word Wednesday” prompt that you can grab and run with in any direction you like. Cool.)

My write-up: I’m a big fan of dark humor — the kind that lets me weather the pain, anger or just outrage related to a disturbing topic. I think humor is social grease that we all need to use so we aren’t so abrasive to each other, even when talking about difficult things.

My thoughts after today’s writing prompt: This is something I already knew about myself. 🙂

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