Whoops, here I am

I really don’t know what to do with my blog anymore. It seems like the older I get, the more my life accelerates. I don’t have time to blog like I want to, but I’m loath to leave my outdated contents out here, untended like an abandoned front yard. Don’t mind my knee-high weeds, y’all.

Some things I’ve thought of include:

  • Changing the site to reflect links to my résumé, social media presence, and work contact information. But work is not all that I am. Maybe I could devote a page to this, though.
  • Using the site just as a reference library where I can store the memes I use in chats with friends on Facebook. But it’s one thing to pop a meme into a FB post, and it’s quite another to amass stuff like that online when other people have developed it. If I do this, I think it will have to be on a private page just for my own use. It *would* be nice to have all the funny little pictures and interesting quotes organized and ready for my use somewhere, though.
  • Using the site to shorten uninteresting or fruitless interactions. For example, use some or all of the site as a place where I can refer people who take up tired old arguments that I feel very “been there, done that” about and no longer want to rehash. I sometimes have to remind myself I’m not the jackass whisperer. It would be nice to have a place where I’ve posted my thoughts, arguments and links about major issues that I care about but no longer want to discuss ad nauseum. I can just say, “See my magnum opus on reproductive rights at this link.”
  • Posting all the silly stuff that I enjoy in one spot, like pictures of the badass little squirrels in my back yard.
  • Keeping lists of things. Such as my favorite podcasts, funny random thoughts, etc. I like to make lists.

Whatever I do, I think I’m going to start thinking of my blog as basically a place where I can kick off my shoes, snuggle up under an afghan and be comfy, because it’s just for me. I’ve lost that urge to EDUCATE THE WORLD (such non-humility, lol) or to seek atta-girls (I feel okay about just being me without that validation).

I also don’t want to tolerate trolls and the tirelessly obnoxious people with keyboards and a lax approach to taking their medication, so I may or may not continue allowing comments. I’m DEFINITELY going to keep comment moderation on, if comments continue, though.

Does it seem weird to want to do that on a spot so public as the internet? (Whoops, there I go, seeking validation again!)

~ Carolyn


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2 Responses to Whoops, here I am

  1. I feel the same damn way about my stupid blawgh. I mean it houses over 10 years of me barfing words on the internet, but what does it all mean, man? I keep thinking I’ll quit and then I renew my domain. (Mostly because I don’t want to miss all those extra special emails.) HA. Welcome back, baybee.

  2. I think blogging is in itself, a way of seeking validation. Otherwise, we’d just write shit down in a notebook. 🙂 I wanted to keep a journal of this ridiculous journey that shithead put me on, but since everyone freaked out about it being public, I haven’t bothered.

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