Current YouTube faves

Current favorite channels on YouTube include these random bits:


  • Lisa A. Romano ACoA Life Coach. Very down-to-earth person with a kind, practical approach to helping people who are co-dependent. I appreciate that she puts the content out there for free, too. Link.
  • Spartan Life Coach. A straight-shooting Brit who’s absorbing to listen to, has a dry sense of humor and usually keeps it pithy. Often talks about narcissists, borderline personality disorder and other topics of interest. Link.


  • Pomplamoose. There’s a weird, smooth, funny quality to her sound that I love. Link.
  • Only1Noah. I could listen to his mellow, smokey voice forever. Love his “Sexy and I Know It,” especially the chorus. Link.
  • Taylor Swift. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know some will mock. But I like her. Her music is catchy, her videos are funny, and she has a pleasantly self-deprecating sense of humor. And it annoys me when people mock her story-telling songs about breakups, so I feel a wee bit defiant about liking her. She seems complex and authentic. Cool. Link.
  • Lily Allen. Another singer I enjoy (very NSFW, though).– Link.

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