Facts first, please

I’ve been talking a lot with my therapist about being happier in my life. One main thing he keeps reminding me of is to look at people, places and things OBJECTIVELY first, before I factor in my emotions. His point is that I will be happier when I just deal with the facts before me instead of trying to guess at what I don’t know about what goes on inside another person’s head.

Apparently, I think more like Plato rather than Aristotle. (My therapist is, seriously, wicked smart. Throws around terms like that all the time.)

So I’m going to give this a go. He assures me that he is not directing me to become an emotionless automaton but rather a person who places rationality first and feelings — which are still important — second.

It *would* be nice not to feel so vulnerable to other people’s opinions, feelings, statements, etc. I’m hoping his advice will help me be more emotionally stable, as he puts it.

I thought about that when I came across these three clippings I stashed away awhile ago:

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