True colors, shining through

Thinking about a friend today. Someone violated this person’s trust, spilled the beans about private business, and tossed in a heaping handful of lies. Just to stir up some shit, or as an exercise in being completely batshit crazy.

In the end, it is the disloyal person’s well-deserved reward to lose a real friend … and all of that person’s true friends.

It’s at moments like this that I find myself really reaching for some healthy detachment, because I’m so outraged by breaches of trust and backstabbing attacks. It didn’t happen to ME, my head says. But my heart tells me, it happened to someone I love.

So I’m just feeling what I feel at the moment. That’s what the self-help gurus and life coaches tell us, right? “Accept how you feel. Feel what you feel. Decide what you want to do about it.” (Thank you, Lisa A. Romano.)

And now I’m not feeling compelled to act upon it except to offer my friend my genuine sympathy, outrage and support. And I will be able to let it go pretty quickly. I guess that’s progress, right?

At least, I have learned to pass fairly quickly through THIS mental phase:

(Relax … for me, this is just a meme about fierce feelings, not fierce actions.)

And I have learned to spend more of my time in THIS phase:


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