“Rainy Days”

Today’s prompt was, “Are you a fan of rainy days?” Here’s my response and the pic I selected to illustrate it. ;o)

Lightning Show

I love a good storm as long as I don’t have to get out in it. Something about pouring rain, low rolling thunder and distant lightning make a rainy afternoon at home last for a delicious forever. Add to that cool air, clean sheets and a good book, and I am cozily planted all day.

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2 Responses to “Rainy Days”

  1. Mary

    …oh wait.
    move that comment to something related your common gal analysis—I was confused about where to comment…bang! need that second cup of coffee…

  2. Mary

    …a couple of things…
    I found your site (if you stopped reading right there, it may seem as if you were blind and I helped you see) by googling TIERS OF COVERAGE FOR OBAMACARE. What a great hit it turned out to be!
    I like your style :)—was cracking up from intro to finale-
    …if only our legislators put as much time into reading it as you have …

    what’s your take on Obamacare impact on the self employed – the “solopreneurs”? …and by the way, I have absolutely no problem identifying this monstrously large bit of legislation as OBAMACARE- while it may have originated with derogitory intent, my guess is the originator of the IDEA, relishes the branding…it shouts LEGACY…which an ego, especially a big one, would embrace with pride…
    I read your resume – riddled with acronyms- and that’s not a slam! I love acronyms- PPACA falls a little flat right now – I prefer the vernacularized alternative…it seems far less governmental.

    Keep up the good work!

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