I really meme this … on the many shades of sexual identity

I’m pissed about the Trump administration’s current shady & shitty attempts to erase the legal identities and rights of trans people by “defining” them out of existence. Here’s what I think.

… about trans people’s rights (& woe to the cracker-ass crackers who trample them).

Click pic to check out Sam’s tweets.

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Want to learn more about human sexual identity? It’s not just binary, y’all.

  1. Biology: Let’s get all sciency. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/22/health/transgender-trump-biology.html
  2. Intersex: More sciency goodness about gray areas that are part of REALITY. Plus you get to use the words “phalloclitorus” and “clitoral crura.” You’re welcome. http://intersexroadshow.blogspot.com/2011/01/phalloclitoris-anatomy-and-ideology.html
  3. Terms to use and understand about different-from-you sexuality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_sexuality_spectrum. Plus, this chart is VERY helpful.
  4. Normal boobs: Along the lines with #2 in this list, here’s a library of photos of normal female human breasts. Just take a look at how DIFFERENT they look, and how NORMAL they all are. Not sharing for prurient interests (although those interests are normal too). http://www.007b.com/breast_gallery.php
  5. Human sexual identity is on a spectrum, and that’s normal: The following statements are a really good overview about the physical sex identities of humans. And please give a standing ovation for the author, @ScienceVet2. (NOTE: If he ever objects that I took screenshots and lets me know of his objections, I will delete these pics and just refer people to his Twitter page, since I didn’t ask for permission in advance. I only intend these screenshots to be convenient for readers.) CLICK ON EACH TO ENLARGE.

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Learning to rescue myself

I think the realization that no one else is coming to rescue me was one of the most sobering, scary and liberating things when I finally acknowledged my atheism and made peace with it.

The realization also helped me in mental health therapy, knowing that I was finding (or building) my own pathway to peace and sanity and joy, rather than waiting for someone else to bestow it upon me.

h/t to my friend Edward Brantley for posting this thoughtful meme on his Facebook page.

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What decent people do

I remember when I was in college. I wasn’t super experienced sexually but I really, really liked this very charming blonde boy I had just started dating. And I liked to drink because it tasted good and was fun.

We had been out bar hopping, and then we ended up parked somewhere, making out. I had drunk too much and was not in good control of myself. I would get into the making out, then kind of “wake up” and decide this was really inappropriate for the short time I’d known him. I’d stop him, and then in a little while we’d be making out again. At some point, he just stopped altogether and said he was really confused by my yes-no-yes-no … did I want to have sex with him or not? Through my booze fog, I decided that I did not.

And you know what? He was a good guy about it. He didn’t get mad or yell or try to force me or even shame me. He said okay and took me home to my dorm, and he went back to his for the night. We took it a little slower, ended up with a happy sex life and continued dating throughout college, and we got married. The marriage only lasted about four years, but he was a decent man, despite our differences.

The morning after that make-out incident with him, I realized that I’d put myself in a really vulnerable position by having so much alcohol I was verging on being black-out drunk. It took me a while to clean up my act in that regard and to drink in moderation, if at all. But he didn’t take advantage of me.

Not every man or boy will sexually assault someone if given the chance.

Not every man is a Brett Kavanaugh. Or a Donald Trump.

I’m thankful they are not the norm, but I’m wondering where are the decent men who have higher standards for themselves and others. Why aren’t they speaking up and taking action? Why am I hearing mostly women’s voices (and not every woman, at that)?

In a broader sense than just discussing sexual misconduct, I’m fearful for my country, my fellow women, minorities, immigrants, the poor and the middle class under the current U.S. executive, judicial and legislative leadership. I’m yearning to hear from the DECENT Americans that as a whole we are good people who can show restraint, good judgment, tolerance, generosity and kindness. And not just words … I need to see votes, concrete action and active opposition to the assholization of America.

I’m hoping — fiercely — that I will feel renewed faith in my fellow Americans from the Nov. 6 election results. For the first time in my life, I’m voting a straight Democratic ticket instead of judging individual candidates on their merits, because to do anything else would be to endorse the dark path our country is on. We don’t need any more arrogant and greedy sociopaths in office, and we don’t need people who will compromise their values (assuming they have such). Nor do we need any more weak go-along-to-get-along politicians.

We need you to help make that happen. YOU need you to help make that happen.


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