STC: New Weekly Writing Challenge

I’m doing the 10-week “Save the Cat” (STC) writing challenge based on Blake Snyder’s book.

"Save the Cat!" Writing ChallengeThe STC writing challenge should be a fun one: 10 stories. 10 weeks. 10 different genres. The challenge has some flexibility, so here are the rules I will be following:

1 – Write a story a week for 10 weeks, corresponding to one of the 10 genre types. Order will not matter; no type can be repeated.

2 – I have to specify a story length to shoot for. I will say 5,000 words since I doubt I will be able to contain myself to the suggested 1,000-word flash fiction length. This may change after my first week’s efforts!

3 – Starting next week, I will publish my stories on this blog (and possibly other forums) by 5 p.m. on Sundays.

Wish me luck!

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OMW Prompt: “Favorite hat to wear?”

I use the One Minute Writer daily writing prompt . Today’s question was: “What is your favorite hat to wear (figuratively or literally)?” Here’s my answer, along with the picture I selected to illustrate it. :o)

Writer Wordart

I have wanted to write (or at least edit) fiction professionally for as long as I can remember. My favorite “hat” to wear these days is being a member of the East Shelby County Writers’ Group. [Updated to note: The group is now defunct. Sadly.] Even if we only talk about the Avengers, I’m with other people who care about telling a good story, polishing their use of the written word, thinking deeply, and communicating clearly. Plus, they’re all delightful smartasses, and that helps. ;o)



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Today’s prompt was, “What Olympic sport do you most enjoy watching?” Here’s my response and the pic I selected to illustrate it. ;o)

I love the strength and precision of gymnastics and the artistry involved. But I almost never watch the Olympics because the tension is unbearable, fearing that someone who’s worked for years might slip up and make a mistake. (Of course, I’m the gal who has to turn off sitcoms when I know trouble is coming for the characters, because I can’t stand THAT either. *eye roll*)

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