“On Driving”

Today’s prompt asked, “Would you say that you enjoy driving”? Here’s my response and the pic I selected to illustrate it. ;o)


I enjoy driving if the road’s not crowded, I don’t have a deadline, there are plenty of podcasts to listen to and my phone is charged, and the sun’s not in my eyes. What does that say about me — I will get where I’m going, but I like to be comfortable along the way? Oh, and our “new” (used) car doesn’t have a cruise control, so I’m all over the map what speed I go — 40MPH to 80 (oops).

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TODAY'S QUESTION: What's worse, extremely cold weather or extremely hot weather?

Any temperature extreme is uncomfortable, but I prefer the chill. You can always bundle up in another layer, but there's a limit to how naked you can get!

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At the Keyboard Again, Ready to Go Fictioneering

I can’t seem to get started with my grand meticulous plan for Blogging Again (with a capital “B”). So I’m just going to start with no freakin’ plan whatsoever and see where that takes me. I’m revving up for another go at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November, so I am starting off with a smaller writing goal: 1,000 words/day for at least six days a week. Starting in the morning.

My plan:

  • Work at the 1,000-words-daily pace through October on a smallish project.
  • Work at a 2,000-words-daily pace for all of November on the first draft of a new novel.
  • Blog at LEAST once a week. No matter what. No matter if it’s utter dreck, just like the NaNoWriMo draft will undoubtedly be.


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